Undo/Redo Shortcut in Excel, Word, etc. on Windows/Mac

You can use some keyboard shortcuts to facilitate many operations on the computer. This post introduces the Undo and Redo shortcut on Windows and Mac.

You can undo changes with the Undo shortcut

even if you saved the file, or use the Redo shortcut to revert the last undo action. See details about the Undo and Redo command below.

What is Undo

and Redo


in Windows: The Undo shortcut is Ctrl + Z. The Redo shortcut is Ctrl + Y or Ctrl + Shift + Z.

On Mac: The Undo keyboard shortcut is Command + Z. The Redo command is Command+Shift+Z.


undo and redo shortcut function

The Undo command function, just like its name, allows you to erase the last change in the document, therefore, you can revert the file to a previous state. The Undo technique is integrated into many computer programs such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. When working with your document, you can easily undo the action if you make some mistakes. You can use the Undo shortcut (Ctrl Z) to undo multiple steps in applications.

The opposite action of Undo is Redo. The Redo shortcut (Ctrl Y) reverses the Undo action. If you undo an action by mistake, you can use the Redo command to easily restore to a newer state.

Undo, redo, or repeat actions with

the mouse

If you do not use the Undo shortcut, you can also use the mouse to undo

some actions in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and so on. To undo

actions, you can click the Undo icon on the upper-left toolbar in Word or Excel to undo in the step. To revert various steps, you can constantly click the Undo icon, or you can click the arrow next to the Undo icon and select the actions from the list you want to undo and click with your mouse.

Undo in Word

To redo an action, you can click the Redo icon next to the Undo icon. The redo button only appears after you undo some actions. That is, you can use the Redo command only after the Undo command.

After typing something in Word and want to repeat the operation, you can click the Repeat icon next to the Undo icon in the upper-left corner. The Redo button is displayed only after an action has been undone.

Other Popular Shortcut Key Features

Ctrl +

A: This keyboard shortcut allows you to select all content so that you can do a function to all content

. Ctrl + C: You can

use this shortcut to select the preferred text and copy it to the clipboard. Ctrl

+ V:

You can click with the mouse to locate the desired place in the text editor, and press Ctrl + V to paste the copied text


F11: To go or exit full-screen mode.

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shortcut Frequently Asked Questions

What is the reverse of Ctrl Z? The reverse of Ctrl Z is Ctrl Y.

Is there an Undo command?

Yes, the undo shortcut in Windows

is Ctrl

+ Z. On Mac, it’s Command + Z.

What is Ctrl Z?

It is the Undo shortcut for most Microsoft Windows applications.

What does Ctrl Y mean?

It is the opposite of Ctrl Z (the Undo shortcut). This is the Redo command.

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