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Releases · helm/helm - GitHub

Releases · helm/helm – GitHub

Helm v3.11.0 is a feature release. Users are encouraged to upgrade for the best experience.

The community continues to grow, and we’d love to see you there!

  • Join the discussion in Kubernetes Slack: for questions and just to hang out to
    • discuss PR, code, and bugs
    • Hang


  • on the public call for developers: Thursday, 9:30 AM Pacific via Zoom
  • Test, debug and contribute graphics: ArtifactHub/packages


  • changes The Helm status command and SDK can now display the status of deployed primary resources in a graph (e.g. deployments). For use with rudder status, you must use the -show-resources mark.
  • Add comma-separated value support in template -api-versions
  • Allow CGO_ENABLED to be overridden when compiling Helm from source

Installation and upgrade

Download Helm v3.11.0. Common platform binaries are here:

MacOS amd64 (checksum / 5a3d13545a302eb2623236353ccd3eaa01150c869f4d7f7a635073847fd7d932) MacOS arm64 (checksum / f4717f8d1dab79bace3ff5d9d48bebef62310421fd479205ef54a5620420444 204 f97415) Linux amd64 (checksum / 6c3440d829a56071a4386dd3ce6254eab113bc9b1fe924a6ee99f7ff869b9e0b)

  • Linux arm (checksum / cddbef72886c82a123038883f32b04e739cc4bd7b9e5f869740d51e50a38be01
  • ) Linux arm64 (checksum / 57d36ff801ce8c0201ce9917c5a2d3b4da33e5d4ea154320962c7d6fb13e1f2c) Linux i386 (checksum / fad897763f3b965bc4d75c8f95748ebc0330a5859d9ea170a4885571facacdb1) Linux ppc64le (Checksum / 6481a51095f408773212ab53edc2ead8a70e39eba67c2491e11c4229a251f9b5) Linux s390x (checksum / 3c420f13d12ca9e7302715d40a00466a145a2dff7f14714e11a5aeadb1d67919

  • )
  • Windows

  • amd64
  • (sum
  • Check /
  • 55477fa4295fb3043835397a19e99a138bb4859fbe7cd2d099de28df9d8786f1)

This version was signed with F126 1BDE 9290 12C8 FF2E 501D 6EA5 D759 8529 A53E and can be found in @hickeyma key base account. Use the attached signatures to verify this version using gpg.

The Quick Start Guide will help you get started from there. For upgrade instructions or detailed installation notes, see the installation guide. You can also use a script to install on any bash-enabled system.

What follows

3.11.1 is the next

    patch/bug fix release and will be on February 8, 2023.

  • 3.12.0 is the next feature release and will be on May 10, 2023.



  • Fix incorrect use of table request/response to k8s API 472c573
  • (Matt Farina)

  • Check the status code before retrying the request ee1ec6e (Cenk Alti
  • ) bump version to v3.11.0 9d8fee1 (Matt Farina)

  • Bump container to 1.6.15, oras-go to 1.2.2 and image-spec to v1.1.0-rc2 017785a (Luca Comellini
  • )

  • Change linting error messages for null values in arrays 6a5f240 (Daniel Strobusch
  • ) Fix

  • after CR 3d81ea2
  • (Jakub Warczarek)

  • CI Trigger f46ff13
  • (Jakub Warczarek) Add Test for User-Agent header

  • configuration and refactor 553f1e3
  • (Jakub Warczarek)

  • Fix User-Agent header in requests made by Helm 2fa7b3d (Jakub Warczarek
  • ) Bump deps to

  • v0.26.0 1fc2a6a (Luca Comellini
  • )

  • correct adopted resource not replaced 3181c7d (Vaibhav Sharma
  • )

  • Task (deps): Bump from 1.2.0 to 1.2.1 8774890 (dependabot[bot]
  • )

  • Resolve conflicts for go.mod and go.sum 6c76abb (Soujanya Mangipudi
  • )

  • Fix backward compatibility b6fef6c (Martin Hickey)
  • Docs: add documents for cli/values. Options 0fdfe05 (Zuhair AlSader
  • ) Update

  • chartrepo.go c8890e9 (caixisheng
  • )

  • Core(deps): Bump from 0.4.0 to 0.5.0 B307D0F (DependaBot[bot]
  • )

  • Bump Sprig Version 3.2.3 FDA1A0B (YXXHERO
  • ) Update string handling a59e584 (Martin Hickey)

  • Update repository handling 256e976 (Martin Hickey
  • )

  • Improve the error message in the installation of the plugin 965f859
  • (Philipp Stehle)

  • harmonize the URL reference resolving dfb25e1 (Philipp Stehle
  • ) Update

  • non-git situation logic only to print warning logs 0ebd620
  • (Wonyeong Choi) Add

  • a var flag to verify that git is installed or not c027014 (Wonyeong Choi
  • )

  • Add support for CSV in template -api-versions arg 5aa316e (Ryan Drew
  • )

  • Update .golangci for GO1.18 61374F6 (Yanggang
  • )

  • Redirect client registry output to STDERR 1535AD5 (Cyril Jouve
  • )

  • Tasks (deps): Bump from 1.5.0 to 1.6.1 B3AFE43 (DependaBot[bot]
  • )

  • Preparation and life probes Correct port 9d027ea (Peter Leong) Update the 775af2a
  • schema validation handling (Martin Hickey
  • )

  • Fix some function names in comments 09d3f31 (cui collector)
  • Use Intstr. GetScaledValueFromIntOrPercent instead of obsolete 9d59d92 (Qifan Shen
  • ) Update deb location for Azure CLI 70a3df4 (Matt Farina)

  • retry HTTP request on temporary errors B5378B3
  • (Cenk Alti)

  • Revert “Tolerate temporary etcdserver errors” d32c623 (Cenk Alti
  • ) Updating the repository Azure CLI is installed from 9fbf1b3 (Matt Farina)

  • Upgrading to Kubernetes 1.25.2 Packages 221b0f5 (Matt
  • Farina)
  • Allow CGO_ENABLED to be overridden for build 6f6c0d8 (Joe Julian
  • ) Chore(deps): Bump from 1.8.1 to 1.9.0 98077DD (dependabot[bot]) Chore(deps): Bump from 1.10.6 to 1.10.7

  • BFD1890
  • (dependabot[bot]) Chore(deps): Bump from 1.1.0 to 1.2.0 1478a09 (dependabot[bot])

  • core(deps): bump from 1.1.2 to 1.2.0 4376d2f (dependabot[
  • bot]
  • )

  • Tolerate temporary errors of etcdserver ebc79fa (Davanum Srinivas
  • )

  • Update: Optimize error message 4fcec24 (wujunwei
  • )

  • add null judge for dependency, maintainers validate and some test cases. A7A1117 (Wujunwei
  • )

  • Fix ae828ce code style (Martin Hickey
  • )

  • bump version to v3.10.0 cd809f9 (Matt Farina
  • ) Addressing review comments:

  • Getting the client.go print code ffa19a4
  • (Soujanya Mangipudi)

  • Addressing review comments: Extend the interface with the new interfaceResources to avoid major changes Move the change to the staus command behind the -show-resources 20e3577 flag
  • (Soujanya Mangipudi)

  • feat(helm): Support for helm3 to display resource names that were implemented as part of the version in helm status command 9d5be80 (Soujanya Mangipudi
  • )

  • During deletion, explicitly record the name of the already deleted resource. b7c35d2 (Marcin Owsiany)
  • Fix: Add cases. NoLower option so that we can get the same effect to the strings. Title f0037e5 (wujunwei
  • )

  • a differ 3b19dde
  • (CI)

  • do not change r.CachePath 781ddba
  • (CI) avoid adding

  • new public function correction tests cd76fcd
  • (CI

  • ) 32a41fc
  • (CI) fix

  • : clean temporary files in FindChartInAuthAndTLSAndPassRepoURL (#11171) 24fa3d9 (CI
  • )

  • Fix URLs with encoded path support for ChartDownloader d9e5bbc (Mathieu Parent)

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