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Server Rack Cooling: Why Is It Important?

Optimal cooling of the server rack enclosure is critical to eliminate heat buildup within the enclosures. Businesses and data centers often rely on air conditioning units to curb the heat, but this can result in higher electricity bills and is not the most efficient solution if your devices are stored inside a closed unit.

Overheating can have detrimental effects on your expensive equipment, aging it and causing system failures and erratic operation. The accumulated heat can even present a potential fire hazard inside the cabinet.

Server enclosure cooling systems are the most reliable and cost-effective method of protecting the integrity of your devices, no matter where they reside within the rack.

What do you need for a

server enclosure cooling system

? Consider these variables when developing a server enclosure cooling solution:


many servers, UPSs, and other devices are stored in your enclosure and how much heat they generate. The cabinet is built in terms of drilling availability, shelf size and space utilization. The inherent ability of the cabinet to handle ventilation. Position of the cabinet inside the room. How devices are organized within the attached server rack.

Once you have a good idea about your cooling requirements, here are some equipment you can use to maintain

the temperature:

Temperature control panel with fans: This device protects the inside of the server enclosure from the development of hot spots. These occur when heat gets trapped behind servers or other large equipment, resulting in performance issues and a shorter lifespan of rack-mounted equipment. The control panel can be mounted on the top or bottom shelf or near the equipment that generates the most heat. When the temperature exceeds a preset threshold, it will automatically activate the fans and provide cool air to your mission-critical equipment. The standard model comes with 2 fans, but for stronger airflow, we also have a 4-fan version available.

Shelf fan trays: can be placed under specific equipment for timely cooling or at the bottom of a grid to push hot air up and out of the shelf. There is an on/off switch readily available that you can use to control the fan. Sysracks carries trays with 4 and 6 high-performance fans. To further maximize airflow, you can install a variety of fan trays depending on how many heat generating units are present in your cabinet.

Wall Mount Ceiling Fan Kit

: This is an ideal computer server rack cooling system unit for facilitating ventilation in a wall-mounted cabinet cabinet. They can be installed inside or outside the cabinet. It comes with a cable that can be plugged into any standard power outlet or a PDU inside the rack.

Server rack enclosure cooling for sale. Why choose Sysracks?

Sysracks offers a full selection of cooling accessories to keep your expensive devices running at their best.

While Sysracks storage data enclosures come equipped with robust server enclosure cooling systems in their base and advanced models, we understand that our customers may need additional cooling accessories.

With our intelligently designed forced and active temperature control solutions, you can augment your cabinet cooling systems by ordering our durable, efficient and economical fans and kits designed to protect the health and performance of all your mission-critical equipment.

If you need help evaluating which cooling accessory will best suit your needs, contact our experts. We will be happy to guide you to the right network server rack cooling solutions.

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