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Why Your Dedicated Server Needs Protection

In today’s internet landscape, where rental DDoS services are open and easily accessible to everyone, a proper cyber defense strategy has become an essential part of running an online service. Websites, email servers, application servers, and game servers are constantly threatened by anyone who has a little money and desire to cause harm.

Thousands of dollars are lost due to DDoS attacks that run in gigabits of intensity and the threat increases every day. There are hundreds of DDoS attack tools and hundreds of services that claim to protect your business from distributed denial-of-service attacks. It becomes painful for many organizations to choose a suitable countermeasure to help fight this threat.

JavaPipe provides businesses and organizations with tailored solutions that fit most requirements. JavaPipe’s DDoS-protected dedicated server hosting solution is not one-size-fits-all, as we analyze threats beforehand and tailor DDoS protection based on customer feedback, packet captures, and extensive testing. Our state-of-the-art mitigation system allows us to thwart large attacks in a matter of seconds and counter small, well-designed attacks with granular filtering.

Servers protected against

DDoS in JavaPipe

There are many solutions that rely on remote/proxy DDoS protection, but this type of solution, while effective if you want to host your server on another provider, has some limitations, such as game server compatibility and the vulnerability of exposing the backend server’s unprotected IP address. This is where DDoS-protected servers become the ideal solution to protect your online business from DDoS.

JavaPipe dedicated servers are hosted behind state-of-the-art DDoS mitigation hardware. This provides complete control over how traffic reaches your server, unlike remote protection, where traffic flows to and from different data centers.

Anti DDoS servers

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IPs A very common advantage of using a dedicated DDoS-protected game server is that you can run games that use visitor IPs to manage player access. This is something that is not available when using remote protection solutions, because all traffic that passes through the remote proxy will adopt the IP of the proxy, so banning the IP address you see on your backend server leads to banning all your visitors.

Custom JavaPipe remote protection configurations, such as GRE tunnels and the use of X-Forwarded-For headers with HTTP traffic, help in some cases, but do not work for many types of game servers.

A protected server helps you focus on your core tasks, such as managing and running the game and its players, instead of being distracted by latency issues and disconnection on a daily basis.


source IP leakage

Dedicated servers that include DDoS protection eliminate the problem of your server IP leaking to attackers, because the IP itself is protected, whereas with proxy protection and the unprotected server IP is only protected by a protected IP that forwards clean traffic to the IP of the unprotected backend server.

You’re also not limited to a single IP, you can request as many DDoS-protected IPs as you need to host multiple solutions on a dedicated server.

DDoS Protection for Email Servers

While remote protection allows for seamless protection of websites, it does not protect email servers. Anyone who knows how to read the header information of outgoing emails can discover the IP address of the unprotected backend server and attack the server directly.

An email server hosted within a secure DDoS network eliminates this flaw and protects against all known types of DDoS attacks.

DDoS protection for Steam-powered gaming

There are game servers that

do not support proxy protection, such as games powered by Steam, because these game servers advertise the IP that the game server daemon listens on so-called master servers that list the game servers currently online in the game.

In this case, protected servers are useful because the advertised game server IP cannot be taken down, as it already has native DDoS protection.

JavaPipe internal

DDoS mitigation

JavaPipe operates internal mitigation hardware that detects attacks in less than a second. This prevents attackers from taking advantage of the time it takes ordinary DDoS mitigation hardware to detect and stop a DDoS attack by initiating many short attacks of different types.

Our internal DDoS firewalls close this common window of time that persistent attackers usually try to abuse. We protect servers running a variety of services such as Camfrog, VoIP systems, Minecraft, Steam powered games, custom application servers, etc.

Reselling DDoS protection

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Another use for our protected dedicated servers is to resell DDoS protection under your own label. Since multiple IPs can be assigned to the server, it can be converted into a protected VPS hypervisor or reverse proxy server to beat even our best KVM VPS plans.

We also offer white label control panels for our resellers, where all technical aspects are covered by JavaPipe, while the reseller can focus on the sales part.


It’s best for game server owners, email server administrators,

application server administrators, and DDoS protection resellers to get a dedicated DDoS-protected server in JavaPipe. It saves time and energy and is backed by proven technical support.

Leave all your network security concerns to us and have more time to focus on your core business. If a dedicated server is too large for your needs, you can start small with a DDoS-protected VPS or our VPS hosting with unlimited bandwidth and dynamically increase resources as your project grows.

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