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First, let’s talk about routers in general

Most people know what a router is: a product that grants internet connectivity to nearby devices. Traditional routers are relatively small and have up to several antennas. The ports on your devices connect to the router, which connects to the internet via 4G, 5G, or fiber. The result is that all devices can access the Internet on the same network.

This system works well for home networks and small businesses, as the range of routers is just right. However, outside of this area, your device will not benefit from the router. Also, most routers are only managed from this radius.

This poses several problems. One of those problems is that most traditional routers are usually isolated from each other. It is a problem for large enterprises distributed across multiple locations and therefore must operate from multiple networks. Also, suppose a network goes down due to a faulty Internet. In that case, until the local issue is resolved, it may be impossible to get back online, which may halt operations.

Fortunately, when there is a

problem, there is usually a solution. In this case, the IT world has delivered a solution in the form of cloud-managed routers.

What are cloud-managed routers?

Cloud-managed routers are network devices that connect clients in your vicinity. They connect not only to each other, but to any other network or client that benefits from the same service. If a router can connect to the cloud, it can become part of a network that spans the globe. Plus, you can manage any router across the entire network remotely, no matter where you are in the world. It’s easy to imagine how convenient this makes them. Especially for large companies operating in multiple cities or countries.

Cloud-managed routers are offered as network services by providers such as Sierra Wireless and Cradlepoint. They typically run on a subscription-based model. Fortunately, manufacturers can include a period of coverage with the purchase of a router. Sierra Wireless’ AirLink Complete is a perfect example.

Those who have used cloud-managed routers can attest to how simple and convenient they are. In the long run, they can save you time and money to be better used to grow your business.

What are the benefits of cloud-managed Wi-Fi technologies?

Of course, cloud-managed routers have other benefits as well. Read on to find out if you or your business can benefit from cloud routers.

Built-in security prevents unauthorized

access to applications

Virtually everyone who uses a computer is concerned about network security, as no one wants strangers to access our personal information. Arguably, companies have a greater interest in this. Unauthorized access can lead to information leaks or misuse of applications.

Fortunately, cloud-managed routers grant access to an encrypted, well-managed, and secure network. For example, Cradlepoint NetCloud Manager includes CP Secure Threat Management with its Advanced package. The additional upgrade to Enterprise adds threat management and application firewall features.

Cloud-based routers

increase application storage Traditional routers

typically have a limited amount of memory. This limit is probably suitable for your home or living community. However, it can be debilitating for large enterprises with many devices and applications.

Cloud management solves this problem. These routers share their memory with the entire network, reducing or even eliminating the need for individual storage. It allows businesses to comfortably expand as needed. And it also reduces headaches that result from data management.

Better out-of-band management

When your network stops working for any reason, any device that was connected to that network will be affected. This can make it difficult to get back online and will often require action on the site. For those who rely on traditional routers, this can be expensive and time-consuming.

With OOBM, you can access and manage your wireless network through the cloud. In addition, it can fix and solve most problems.

Efficient, high-performance routing

If your network depends on standard routers, you’re at the mercy of your local Internet. For large enterprises, coordinating multiple local networks, each with its own setup, can be a logistical nightmare. Also, if a router goes down, everything can stop.

Cloud-managed routers merge all your networks into a single community. They also use some of the fastest and highest-end technologies to do so. Deploying routers with cloud storage increases efficiency by reducing downtime, securing your connection, and making network management easier.

Simple and scalable cloud-managed network

While the advantages of managed cloud services are clear for large enterprises, they are extremely useful for growing businesses. This is because of how easy they are to climb.

Setting up a new workspace has many existing challenges, so why let internet connectivity be one of them? Cloud-managed routers are easy to set up and use, and adding devices to your network is a breeze. Investing in managed cloud services from the start can save you a lot of time and money down the road.

Invest in a NetCloud Manager to enhance your wireless network

Hopefully, this article illustrates why any business with multiple networks to manage should look for cloud-managed routers. The additional efficiency, simplicity, and security they offer make them a superior choice over Ethernet or other routers.

That said, you should still deploy the best cloud-managed routers for you and your needs. Cradlepoint’s NetCloud Manager is one of our favorite options. It provides simplicity, security, and efficiency, enabling zero-touch management and deployment. And, the cost of the managed service is included in the price of the product.

Sierra Wireless’ AirLink Complete is another great option for management service. Sierra wireless routers are sold with 1 year of AirLink included at no additional charge. It includes a hardware warranty, technical support, and a free firmware life.

You can find the perfect cloud-managed router on Novotech’s website.

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