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Our visitors often compare Cassandra with MongoDB, Amazon DynamoDB, and HBase.

Editorial information provided by DB-EnginesNameCassandraDescriptionWide column store based on ideas from BigTable and DynamoDB Optimized for write accessMain database modelWide column storeDB-Engines ranking measures the popularity of database management systemsTrend chartScore111.81Rank #11 Overall#1 Wide column storeswebsitecassandra.apache.orgTechnical foundation Software Apache top-level project, originally developed by FacebookInitial version2008Current version4.1.0, December 2022Commercial or open source licenseOpen source Apache version 2Cloud-based only Only available as a cloud serviceDBaaS offerings (sponsored links) Database as a ServiceDBaaS Offer Providers, please contact us to be listed.

  • Astra DB: Multi-cloud DBaaS based on
  • Apache Cassandra.

  • Aiven for Apache Cassandra: Fully managed open source NoSQL database specifically designed to be highly available, efficient, and scalable.

Implementation languageJavaServer operating systemsBSDLinuxOS XWindowsData schemano schemaTyping predefined data types such as float or dateyXML support Some form of data processing in XML format, for example, support for XML data structures and/or support for XPath, XQuery, or XSLT.noRestricted secondary indexes equality queries only, not always the best performing solutionSQL SELECT statement support, DML and DDL (CQL) similar to SQLSQLAPI and other access methodsProprietary protocol CQL (Cassandra Query Language, a language similar to SQL)ThriftSupported programming languagesC#C++ClojureErlangGoHaskellJavaJavaScript Node.jsPerlPHPPythonRubyScalaServer-side scripts Stored proceduresnoTriggersyesPartition methods Methods for storing different data on different nodesSharding without “single point of failure”Replication methods Methods for storing data redundantly across multiple nodesSelectable replication factor Representation of the geographic distribution of servers is possibleMapReduce provides an API for user-defined mapping/reduction methodsiConsistency concepts Methods for ensuring consistency in a distributed systemEventual consistencyImmediate Consistency can be decided individually for each write operationForeign keys Referential integritynoTransaction concepts Support to ensure data integrity after non-atomic data manipulations Atomicity and isolation are supported for individual operationsConcurrency Support for simultaneous data manipulationyesDurability Support for creating persistent dataIn-memory capabilities Is there an option to define some or all of the structures that will be kept only in memory.noUser concepts Access controlAccess rights for users can be defined by objectMore information provided by the system vendorCassandraSpecific features

Apache Cassandra is the leading NoSQL distributed database management system, well suited for hybrid and multi-cloud environments. It powers many of today’s modern enterprise applications by delivering continuous availability, high scalability and performance, robust security, and operational simplicity, while reducing overall cost of ownership.

Competitive advantages

  • No single point of failure guarantees 100% availability.
  • Operational simplicity for the lowest total cost of ownership
  • .

  • Best-in-class scalability and performance of NoSQL platforms.


Internet of Things (IOT) application scenarios, fraud detection applications, recommendation engines, product catalogs and playlists and messaging applications.

Key customers Apple, Netflix, Uber, ING,,

Intuit,Fidelity, NY Times, Outbrain, BazaarVoice, Best Buy, Comcast, eBay, Hulu, Sky, Pearson Education, Walmart, Microsoft, Macy’s, McDonalds, Macquarie Bank.

Market Metrics Cassandra is used by 40% of Fortune 100 companies.

Licensing models and pricing

  • Apache license
  • pricing

  • for commercial distributions provided by DataStax and available upon request.


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Products and ServicesCData: Connect to Big Data and NoSQL through standard drivers. Aiven for Apache Cassandra: A truly distributed database that can handle large volumes of writes. Instaclustr: Apache Cassandra hosted and managed as a serviceCassandra Forward event: Want to level up your Cassandra game? Watch now the replays of the March 2023 sessions. We invite representatives of

suppliers of related products to contact us to submit information about their offerings here.

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